Will you be a bridezilla?


Take our fun quiz to find out if you will become a bridezilla in the run up to your wedding day.

Question 1

Your boyfriend proposes but you HATE the engagement ring, do you…

A – Demand he takes you to Tiffanys to buy a ring worth showing off.
B – Say you love it but hope somewhere down the line you can replace it with something you do love.
C – Wear it and promise to never take it off, even if its not really your thing, he chose it and that means you love it.

Question 2

Your fiance’ tells you that you can’t afford the venue you’ve always dreamed of, do you…

A – Tell him to sell his car and get the money, you HAVE to get married there.
B – Accept it and find somewhere within your budget.
C – Tell him that its fine and if this wedding is going to cost too much then we can postpone it.

Question 3

3 – Your mum offers you her old wedding dress for your big day but its nothing like what you want, do you…

A – Laugh, tell her its hideous and insist she buys you that one from the bridal boutique.
B – Say thanks but its not quite what you wanted and you will save up and buy your own.
C – Wear it, it will mean so much to her to see you in it.

Question 4

Your chief bridesmaid announces she is expecting and will be 8 months by the time of your wedding, do you…

A – Tell her she can no longer be your bridesmaid and feel pretty miffed she couldnt wait to start a family, doesn’t she realise how important your day is?
B – Congratulate her and tell her not to worry you can still find the perfect dress for her to wear.
C – Move your wedding till after shes given birth, after all her health is much more important than your wedding.

Question 5

Your best friend announces a week before your hen do that she cannot attend due to money problems do you…

A – Decide shes selfish and no longer your best friend, shes known for ages and should have saved the money.
B – Be upset but understand, times are hard after all.
C – Pay all her expenses so she can come along, it wouldn’t be the same without her.

Question 6

Your brother asks to bring his new girlfriend you’ve never met along to your big day, do you…

A – Say no way!!! My seating plan is arranged and im not changing it for her.
B – Invite her to the evening reception, it will be nice to get to meet her.
C – Invite her to the whole thing, its only 1 more person to pay for.

Question 7

Your bridesmaids plan your hen do and its really tacky and not at all the sophisticated affair you wanted, do you…

A – Leave, you can’t believe they went against your wishes and embarrassed you like this.
B – Just get on with it, you’re sure you’ll have a laugh anyways.
C – Reassure them they’ve done a great job and that its the best hen do ever, you wouldn’t want them to know you’re upset.

Question 8

You attend a friends wedding a month before your own and she’s wearing your dress, do you…

A – Cry and threaten to cancel the wedding unless you can get hold of a new dress in the next month.
B – Decide to buy a bridal accessory to alter your dress so it looks slightly different.
C – Not worry, who’s going to notice and all wedding dresses look the same anyways.

Question 9

Two of your good friends have a massive falling out days before your wedding, do you…

A – Tell both of them not to bother coming, you wont have their petty argument spoiling your day.
B – Have a word with each of them and ask them to sort it out as you really want them both there.
C – Get them together and beg them to make up or you’ll have to cancel if they won’t both be there.

Question 10

A guest turns up to your wedding wearing a white dress, do you…

A – Go mental and insist she goes home and change.
B – Let it go, everyone knows you’re the bride after all.
C – Its fine, she’s allowed to wear what ever colour she wants, even if it is a wedding.


How did you score?

Mostly A’s

BRIDEZILLA ALERT!! Wow, We know its your wedding but you really need to take a step back and see how you’re over reacting. You need to stop worrying so much or you’re in danger of being so wound up you wont enjoy your special day.

We Recommend – A Spa Day to destress

Mostly B’s

COMPLETELY NORMAL!! Your No Bridezilla but you’re definately no walkover either, you know how you want things to go but there’s no need for military precision. Keep on doing things your way and enjoy your special day.

We Recommend – A few drinks with friends

Mostly C’s

WALKOVER ALERT!! You are just far too nice and unfortunately this could be your downfall when planning a wedding. Infact you’re so busy thinking of others that we wouldn’t be suprised if you never get round to organising your special day.

We Recommend – You get a backbone

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