The Top Tiring Wedding Traditions in 2018


Wedding trends are created and pushed into oblivion by Pinterest and Instagram influence. Some of the traditions like exchanging the ring will forever be there forever but things like mason jar décor are long gone.

The news agency The Independent conducted a survey of wedding planners about the trends they are tired of seeing.  And while you can always play your favorite downloadable slots games at any wedding, we are sure you would want to be careful when organizing one! After all, everything matters from the venue you choose, to the guest list to the food items you have on menu.

The Top Wedding Overdone Trends You Need to Be Careful About

Here are some trends that you might just want to be careful with.

Decorated Walls

We may think of decorated walls with flowers and doughnut walls a major wedding attraction, but the planners think otherwise. Robin Weil from thinks that they are much overdone and should be given a miss. Natural walls are the in thing and if you are going by a theme then stick to it.

Overwhelming Bridal Entrances

Brides have gone over the board to create the perfect entry but some have taken it to unimaginable levels. Some of the brides have been carried in on balloons while others have been led the aisle by people dressed in dinosaur costumes!

In contrast to the outdone tradition, 8% UK brides walked themselves alone on the isle.

Over the Top Wedding Cakes founder Hamish Shephard thinks that over the top wedding cakes are done for! He said that the humble iced fruitcake has been long gone due to Instagram wars that aimed for the perfect cake shot.

Wedding cakes are now outlandish events with delicacies and visual delights like naked cakes and drip cakes; Shephard also took the example of doughnut walls, 8 foot macaroon towers and the 154lb elderflower and lemon wedding cake of Meghan Markle that have caught on to the trends.

The cake market is really competitive right now!

Lookalike Groomsmen

We are accustomed to seeing groomsmen dressed in the same shade and tie according to earlier traditions. But according to Weil, some of them have gone to a level that they all look like clones or matches of one another. He had even seen groomsmen sporting the same beard style and thinks it’s too much to take!

Multiple Bridesmaids

Shephard finds the armies of bridesmaids that have grown popular and USA and UK to be a party blooper. Now we don’t see flower girls or one or two special people who got to be the bridesmaid- there’s a number of pastel dressed women and a more the merrier mentality that needs to be done with.

Too many cooks spoil the broth applies in this case!

Focusing on these few tips will help ensure that you can organize a wedding like no other. It doesn’t matter whether its yours or your loved ones’ these few tips can help you ensure that everything’s the way it should be.

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