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Your Wedding Pro has a great selection of wedding cake companies from all over the UK, find the perfect wedding cake for your big day.

Wedding cakes are a traditional part of a wedding day, they were orginally made to symbolise good luck to the bride and groom and all of their guests. Nowdays they are still a firm favourite and are fast becoming more and more extravangant. There are many types of wedding cakes available, from traditional tiered fruit cakes to bespoke chocolate designs and also wedding cupcakes are increasing in popularity.

Wedding cakes can vary in price and size. When Price William married Kate Middleton in 2011 their Fiona Cairns wedding cake was rumoured to cost a staggering £50000.

Wedding cake toppers first became popular at US weddings in the 1950’s to represent togetherness. Many modern cake toppers can be personalised to be mini replicas of the bride and groom. They could be made to wear an exact copy of the brides dress or more humourous designs are available like the figures wearing their favourite football teams shirt or taking part in their favourite hobby.

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