Where to go for a stag night


The traditional stag night has come a long way in recent years, as many people are no longer content to just get plastered, naked and arrested these days. If you are looking to organise a stag do, these are three ideas for something a little different.

Roulette Tables

A comedy club

Stand-up comedy is a form of entertainment which is really booming at the moment, and this means that most of the top comedians are performing live in venues throughout a large part of the year right now. Given that the whole point of a stag night is to have a laugh with your friends, picking a comedian that you are fans of and getting tickets to a live gig by them, can be a great alternative way to spend a stag night – especially when combined with a meal and drinks.

A casino

If you like casino games, maybe you fancy getting in some serious gambling at the slot machines? Or maybe you just want to dress up like James Bond and look cool posing by the baccarat table, especially if you usually frequent where you really don’t need to dress up! Either way, hitting a casino in the town for your stag night is a much more sophisticated option than getting wasted in a pub or nightclub. That said – if you do want to mark the night with (quite) a few drinks, there is no reason why you can’t book a room at a chosen casino, and have a themed party there.


This is another excellent stag party activity, although one that is more likely to be suitable if you and your mates are into outdoor activities and action. Paintballing involves stealth and planning alongside some serious action – and lets you act like a big kid again for a few hours, running around pretending to kill each other. It makes for a great way for larger groups where everyone is maybe not that familiar with each other to bond on a stag do, before going on and hitting the bar later.

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