Finding the right wedding photographer for you


Choosing a wedding photographer can be hard work, it is important that you know exactly the type of photos you both expect to be taken of your wedding. The photographs will be memories you will look back on and share for years to come. This is why you should do your homework and be sure you are using someone who will capture your big day exactly how you imagined.

Finding the right wedding photographer for you

There are 2 main types of wedding photography, traditional and reportage. The traditional photographers would take formal staged shots throughout your day. They will do lots of organising and directing guests where to stand for the best photos. The reportage photographer takes photos using a less direct style. They take more natural photos as your day unfolds. Instead of posed photos of your guests they would capture their reactions. Couples who do not enjoying posing for photos are more suited to this type of photography. You will usually find that photographers are happy to incorporate some aspects of other styles, traditional photographers will usually take some action shots such as the walking down the aisle and the 1st dance and reportage photographers will take a few formal group shots however it is important to choose your photographer based on which direction you would prefer for the majority of your album to take.

A good place to start looking for a wedding photographer is by visiting a local wedding fayre. Here you can look through their portfolios and get a feel for exactly the kind of shots they would take. Also as there will be several photographers in 1 place it makes it so much easier to compare their work and find someone who really stands out. It is also worth asking your venue if they have recommended photographers. They will have photographed lots of weddings at your venue and should know all the best places to capture the best images. Obviously another way of finding a photographer is by recommendation, ask your friends or family if there is anyone they would recommend and look through their albums. Most photographers have websites with online portfolios now days making it a lot easier to view their work without having to meet them first.

It is important that you do get along with your photographer. If someone takes beautiful images but you find them rude or hard to talk to then it is worth looking for someone else. Your photographer will be a big part of your wedding day they will be around you a great deal of the time so it is worth finding someone you would want to share your day with.

Once you have found the right photographer for you make sure you read the terms and conditions and ask questions if there is anything you do not understand. It is important to find out where you stand on copyright. Do you have the right to print your photos? Or do you need to go through your photographer for any pictures you want printed? Will your photographer want the right to use your pictures for their portfolio or on their website? Does your photographer expect a meal? How much is the deposit and when will the full balance need to be paid? Please make sure you know the answer to these things before you sign.

Wedding photography prices do vary but it mostly is a case of you get what you pay for. If someone is willing to take photos for a very cheap price then they obviously do not value their skills very highly. Some people look for photography students who need to shoot some weddings to build up their portfolios and whilst some may do an amazing job for a small cost some will also do a poor job so this is worth bearing in mind. Is it really worth cutting corners on the pictures you will keep and treasure forever?

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